Regulations & Policy

The Clark Group has unparalleled expertise developing agency rules, policies and procedures.  Services include:

  • Development of new and revised regulations and procedures.
  • Public comment analysis and response.
  • Review of new and proposed legislation and regulations.
  • Legal sufficiency reviews of required regulatory analyses.
  • Retrospective analysis of final rules for potential impacts to existing projects.


The Clark Group is currently working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to update the Department’s NEPA regulations and environmental planning program. The Clark Group created an interim guidance for training and project managers about NEPA compliance throughout VA facilities, which was implemented in VA facilities nationwide with success. The Clark Group then initiated revisions of the Department’s NEPA regulations to reflect the current organization and decision-making process. The draft NEPA regulations emphasize the need for incorporating NEPA analysis earlier in the VA’s decision-making process. The Clark Group is currently working with VA to finalize its NEPA regulations and complete the rulemaking process. 

Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Clark Group revised the FEMA NEPA procedures to integrate multiple environmental and historic preservation requirements in one efficient review process. Additionally, The Clark Group drafted a roles and responsibilities directive explaining ownership of the NEPA process within FEMA.

National capital planning commission 

NCPC is the central planning agency for the federal government in Washington, D.C. and the National Capital Region, responsible for adopting, approving, or providing advice on plans, projects, and development proposals within the region. The Clark Group is supporting NCPC with updating their Plan and Project Review Submission Guidelines. NCPC’s submission guidelines are a critical tool to guide applicants through the consultation and review process and ensure sustainable long-term growth. The Clark Group will guide NCPC in updating their guidelines to reflect current agency policy and practice and support NCPC with interviewing and gathering information from stakeholders to inform the Submission Guidelines revisions.

Overseas private investment corporation

OPIC is the U.S. government’s development finance institution, offering private capital and financing to assist business development in emerging markets.  The Clark Group is supporting OPIC with updating their Environmental and Social Policy Statement.  OPIC’s Environmental and Social Policy Statement represents the agency’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice in evaluating projects seeking OPIC support and monitoring ongoing projects.  The Clark Group will be facilitating agency and stakeholder groups to assist in developing policy as well as revising and updating the Environmental and Social Policy Statement.