Our mission is to advance solutions that recognize the compatibility of environmental protection and economic growth.

How do you unite diverse stakeholders to buy-in to mutually beneficial projects?  

How do you teach field staff and agency leadership that environmental protection supports their agency mission?

How do you apply environmental requirements to real programs and projects?

How do you use environmental planning to strengthen and expedite project implementation?

How do you create flexible legal and policy frameworks to support a range of activities?

Environmental protection isn’t the only goal of our clients, but it’s always part of the solution. We approach each project with the understanding that it is a piece of a larger plan – one that involves balancing the needs of many stakeholders and requirements.

About our company

The Clark Group is an environmental policy consulting firm established in 2001. The core of our company’s practice is derived from an in-depth understanding of federal law and policy and the operations of government agencies. We find new and innovative ways to implement law and policy for local, state and federal government; tribes; nonprofit organizations; and applicants interacting with the federal government. Every day, we help our clients plan and execute projects with informed decision-making, stakeholder buy-in, and sustainable and resilient solutions.